Edexcel IGCSE Paper 2 Predicted Topics (June 2023)

You survived Paper 1! Well done, half way there.
Paper 2 will be on the 7th of June. (Exam timetable can be found here)

The topics at the top of the list are more likely to come up (in our opinion).

Please note: This is only a prediction based on previous trends and the topics from Paper 1.

We have included practice questions and revision videos next to each topic. Thanks to Corbett Maths for their amazing resources that we’ve linked to.

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TopicRevision VideoPractice
Circle Theorems (including intersecting chords)Circle Theorems PageCorbett Maths Intersecting Chords

Corbett Maths Circle Theorems
Algebraic ProofAlgebraic Proof VideoCorbett Maths Algebraic Proofs
Surface Area of 3D Shapes3D Shapes PlaylistVolume of Sphere Exam Questions

Volume of a Pyramid Exam Questions 

Surface Area of Sphere and Cones 

Markscheme for Surface Area

Grade 7+ Exam Questions Video
Arithmetic SequencesArithmetic SequencesArithmetic Sequences Practice from MathsGenie
Direct and Inverse Proportion Direct and Inverse Proportion VideoCorbett Maths Direct and Inverse Proportion
Cubic, Trig and Reciprocal GraphsCubic Graphs Revision Video

Trig Graphs Revision Video

Reciprocal Graphs Revision Video
Corbett Maths Cubic Graphs

Corbett Maths Trig Graphs

Corbett Maths Reciprocal Graphs
Quadratic Simultaneous Equations Quadratic Simultaneous Equations VideoCorbett Maths Non-linear Simultaneous Equations
Straight Line Graphs, y=mx+cStraight Line Graphs PlaylistCorbett Math Equation of a Line

Corbett Maths Midpoints
Graphical InequalitiesGraphical Inequalities VideoCorbett Maths: Graphical Inequalities
Algebraic Fractions Simplifying Algebraic Fractions Video

Solving Harder Equations Video
Corbett Maths Algebraic Fractions
Completing the SquareCompleting the Square VideoCorbett Maths Completing the Square
Mean from Frequency TablesFrequency Tables Revision Video

Grouped Frequency Tables Revision Video
Grouped Frequency Tables MathsGenie

Grouped Frequency Tables Answers MathsGenie
Fractions Fractions PlaylistMathsGenie Fractions

MathsGenie Fractions Answers
SurdsSurds Revision Video Corbett Maths Surds
Functions (including inverse functions)Functions and Composite Functions Revision Video

Functions Domain and Range Revision Video

Inverse Functions
Corbett Maths Functions 

Dr Frost Full Coverage Functions
Bounds (degrees of accuracy)Bounds Revision VideoCorbett Maths Limits of Accuracy Exam Questions
Bearings Bearings Revision VideoCorbett Maths Bearings
Constructions Constructions PlaylistCorbett Maths Constructions